it’s december. breathe.

The wretched month of November is, at last, behind us. I’m curious how it almost always turns into such a disaster. But at least I don’t have to worry about the future: it’s all spelled out for me! The always-detailed AstrologyZone monthly forecast tells me to beware:

Co-workers will probably be cranky and easily provoked near this full moon, so you may need to pitch in to help them as best you can. Everyone in the department will be feeling overwhelmed and overworked. … You will begin to see tension in the air as early as December 10 and it will linger as long as December 15.

Translation: Keep that Xanax handy. But! Once I make it through to December 21, I can look forward to really, really strong adjectives — rapturous, blissful, life-changing. I should sign with an agent, for one thing, but who cares about that? It’s the romance that’s important:

the decisions you make and the actions you take in the days that follow could change your life forever. … treat yourself to one glorious night to welcome in the New Year, dear Cancer. The fire that will burn in your heart that night will chase away any cold winds that might be blowing your way. We all need a night of pure bliss – this one has all the makings of being yours.

Sounds good! Does this mean Mr. Ben and I should go to New Orleans, which we’re sort of thinking about doing?

Of course we can’t fight the planets (or, as some people would have it, God’s will) but simply taking action sometimes can make shit better. In that vein, I’m going to host a Turn Your Luck Around Potluck. On the appointed night, everyone will show up with comfort food and some kind of good luck totem. A story will do: some recollection of when things were bad and then something turned them round. Then we’ll do a reconstituted rain dance, where “rain” = “better tidings for all.”

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  1. Well well well… good for BJU. Maybe someday, when their students come to my shows they’ll be able to stay past 9pm. And not have to wear dress shirts and ties. Ludicrous!

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