It’s been an anxiety-ridden month for me, full of worry and sleepless nights and pill-taking, to the extent that I have to wonder, Jeez, what would I be like if Barack Obama had *lost*? Anyway, thanks to all of that, I have a head-cold and a renewed appreciation for anything that makes me laugh.

Like Charrow, and how quickly Mr. Ben caught onto this Twitter thing (sample Tweet: “There was a little white chicken fetus in my breakfast egg yesterday. Today, I opted for plain bagel”) and a Jezebel editor’s hilariously candid record of her attempt to follow Cosmo’s sex advice. Featuring Spanx!

And, of course, Get Your War On, covering the most crucial issues of the day:

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I went back to Dr. Feelgood today and in a first for psychiatry he sent me away with instructions to take up meditation and a promise that “you’ll be fine.” To be fair, he also suggested a certain brand-name drug. As this was the third time he’s brought it up and as I’m a smart-ass, I asked him, “What, are they paying you?” To which he promptly replied, “Yes.”

Points for honesty.

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