+ Novel excerpt from The Sex Lives of Other People in Joyland Magazine
+ Novel excerpt from The Sex Lives of Other People in Bite: An Anthology of Flash Fiction
+ Novel excerpt from Applebaum, Agent of God, entitled “Angels Out of America,” on Zeek


NONFICTION — highlights

+ Numerous articles for The Atlantic.com
+ Americans Still Lose Their Minds When A Husband Puts His Wife’s Career First for Quartz
+ Square’s Design Guilts Us Into Tipping Basically Everyone for Quartz

Advice from Aunt Acid (recurring column for The Toast, now at The Daily Dot)
+ “Read This With That” (recurring column The Toast)
Before “Into the Woods” Was A Disney Movie, It Was An AIDS Parable (Talking Points Memo)
The Abortion Tipping Point (Talking Points Memo)
Reclaiming “Homemaker” (Slate)
Stop Saying Men Don’t Read Women (Slate)
Why Big Data Can’t Buy Happiness (The Nation) — featured in the NYT Op-Talk Blog entry, “Please Advise
Which Rapper Won the Game of Thrones Mixtape?  (New York Magazine’s “Vulture” blog)
9 Books to Read If You Miss Your Favorite TV Comedy (Vulture)
Homeland’s Best Carrie Mathison Cry-Faces (Vulture)
2014 Was The Year of the Jewish Woman (Flavorwire)
Where Do Queer Characters Fit into Wes Anderson’s Sexless Universe? (Flavorwire)
Why Jonathan Franzen is the Wrong Face For “Franzenfreude” (Salon)

+ Cultural commentary for the Hairpin 
+ Reviews and cultural commentary for Barnes and Noble 
+ Cultural commentary for The Huffington Post



“Serial” (Vulture)
“The Jinx” (Vulture)
“Outlander” (Vulture)
“Making a Murderer” (Vulture

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