Other people say the darnedest things!

“We loved the hilarious and gutsy coming-of-age essay by Ester Bloom, ‘One Way to Shut Her Up,’ which won our nonfiction contest. Bloom recounts her first post-college job—which included being stuck in a sound booth with a temperamental Jeffrey Tambor.” –Sonya Huber, Editor-in-Chief of Dogwood Literary

[1st-Prize winning essay “One Way To Shut Her Up” is] fantastic, hilarious, original” —2014 Dogwood Literary Non-fiction Contest judge Heather Kirn Lanier

“Ester Bloom’s near-perfect ‘The Discovery of My Father’s Gun,’ a beautifully told tale of family mystery and epiphany as sparsely fashioned as any haiku, depends in part upon the all-too-American fascination with firearms.” —The Review Review

“Ester Bloom offers my favorite description in the whole book [Bite: An Anthology of Flash Fiction]: ‘If ordinary people have the 36-crayon Crayola box of emotions, he only has the most basic eight-color set; more complicated blends of feeling are beyond his comprehension.'” —

“Your new favorite savagely funny and insightful author is Ester Bloom” —Joyland Magazine

“Momentous … The story gently pries at questions of adulthood, parenting, identity. … The story sounds like one to keep an eye out for, and with a title like The Sex Lives of Other People, that shouldn’t be hard to do.” —The Rumpus

Ester Bloom! I dated one of her college friends after college who always said really nice things about her, I always wished we could have brunch. This was before she got internetfamous.” —Commenter on The Toast

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