The events of the past couple weeks have been dragging me down bit by bit, especially as we near the end of my favorite season:

I am scanning the horizon for mermaids or bright spots, anything that might cheer me up:

  • The New Yorker Festival. I’m on Year 5 in the city and I’ve never managed to get to one of these events. Will this be the year?
  • Unigo launches tomorrow, 9/9! This is it, folks, the real deal, the website I’ve been helping conjure out of the ether for the past eight months: The next medium-sized thing. Tell your friends.
  • “America’s Next Top Model”

Honestly, I can’t think of other specifics. There has to be something to look forward to! Please, Send Help.

ETA: Gawker mocks my pain and friends email me reassurance. Already I feel somewhat better. Thanks, pals and blogs!

4 thoughts on “glum.”

  1. well, the link suddenly isn’t working, but Race and Class in America sounds fascinating (if totally unwieldy). Also Where I Come From w/ alexie, auslander, and diaz. let’s do it!

  2. great! Also the Salman Rushdie talk on Saturday? I feel like I’m bad for just wanting to go to the big big names, but it’s too expensive to try out lots of other talks.

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