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Initial Here, Sign There

People/Things With Whom I Share Initials

from Most Exciting to Most Disturbing

  • Elizabeth Bennett
  • Eric Blair (you might know him better as “George Orwell”)
  • Honorary Jew Elif Batuman
  • The Empire State Building
  • “Extra Special Bitter” Beer
  • Emily Bronte
  • Emily Bazelon
  • The Encyclopedia Britannica
  • My boss
  • Elizabeth Bathory (“Countess ELIZABETH Bathory¬†is perhaps the most prolific serial killer in history and is remembered as the “Blood Countess.” She was born in 1560. Her wealthy family included the King’s of Transylvania and Poland. For political reasons, Elizabeth was married off to Count Ferencz Nadasdy of Hungary. She killed peasant girls, maid servants and women of the lower gentry. Her motives are unclear. Vampire lore claims that she believed their virgin blood would make her young, while most historians believe the murders were due to sadistic pleasure.” Seriously.)
  • Emma Bovary
  • Eva Braun

What is ester?

On the happiest day of the year, according to Google, “ester is” …

  • mainly used in food and cosmetics
  • $162910
  • just too sweet!
  • a beautiful name.
  • derived from the German Essig-√Ąther (literally: vinegar)
  • widely used in leather and daily chemicals
  • stable
  • a thirty-three-year-old married woman with four children
  • tasty!
  • in your extended network
  • used in making soap
  • generally immediately available in most volumes.
  • much more business like, organized, and efficient. While Tati would amble in around 8:30, 9:00 or 10:00 am, Ester is here at 7:00 sharp.
  • filled with various moving companies. Before choosing a moving company in Ester, you need to take several precautions.
  • a giant of a human being, head and shoulders above most others (7’0″, 325 lbs.). She usually has a friendly grin on her face.
  • giving a helping hand to her husband
  • a fan of: Music. Susan Boyle
  • true commic Genius.
  • Ester is a Hedonist: She does as she chooses when she chooses. She is unfettered by notions of sin and shame and is unconcerned with what others may think
  • neither an anarchist nor a polygamist and that she is in good mental and physical health.
  • pure joy!
  • a very nice looking girl that combines femmininity with evenly fairly developed muscles.

This is all true. Also, please note the following:

“The odor of the ester is more easily detected when the ester is mixed in some water. Never try to. directly smell the ester while it is still hot.”

not really a problem

Since July is the best month of the year, at least in New York, I actually have a moderately hard time with it. In a free moment, write or read? Read a beloved mystery or a new, acclaimed novel? Or the Saturday New York Times? Start the Sunday puzzle or eat some more? Eat in or brunch out? Yesterday we had excellent Korean before seeing Ratatouille. But tomorrow: camp out for Shakespeare in the Park tickets or finally get to see Governor’s Island?

For the past couple hours, since extricating myself from the embrace of the Floating Pool Lady, I’ve wandered in my happy, happy state from one pastime to another, not committing to anything, not even clothes. I did manage to take off my bathing suit and hang it in the bathroom. Gold star!

Summer is too short. And sometimes it rains! as it did on Fourth of July (no problem: we assembled to watch Angels in America and eventually we did get to enjoy fireworks off the Promenade) and this past Thursday, on what would have been a fantastic showing of Princess Bride. We as a country need two Julys, I think. Three if you count Miranda.