Six Months Have Rolled Around My Head, And What Have I Done For God?

In honor of a certain person’s half birthday, fun facts via WolframAlpha:

1) Popularity of the name “Lara” hit its only peak in the States in the late 60s.

2) The movie “Dr. Zhivago” came out in 1965.

It featured Europeans playing Russians with British accents

3) The most common age for a person named Lara is 41.

Lara Flynn Boyle, born 1970

4) Our baby Lara may be the cutest Lara in the country not named for a Julie Christie character.

Not that there’s anything wrong with Julie Christie

5) The other Laras, however, can probably all feed themselves by now.

We're still working on it
We’re still working on it

Happy half birthday, my crazy critter! We’d love you even if you wore a tutu to the Oscars. (But better not to test that, okay?)

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