That Kind of Day

Today I appeared on Geraldo Rivera. That’s a sentence I never expected to utter. A producer approached me by email yesterday and the radio show featuring me — or rather, “Ester Bloom from the Huffington Post” — aired this morning.

The whole thing happened fast enough that my head is still spinning. Part of me keeps thinking in quips, like “I knew I had a face for radio!” Another part of me wishes my dad had lived long enough to hear me interviewed about “Mommy Porn” on a daytime talk show, even though I know full well he wouldn’t have been able to listen to the segment. I used the words “butt plug” after all. That’s more or less the only part of the conversation I remember.

A far less racy piece went up on the Billfold, a fun conversation between my friend Adam and me about the film “Five-Year Engagement.” Movie reviews in g-chat form that tell you, ultimately, how much you should pay to see a particular film (if anything). We’ve done two of them so far and I’m excited for the next. It’s slated to be a pretty regular feature, which works for me. I haven’t gotten to write about movies consistently since college.

THEN I got an exciting email from Creative Non-Fiction magazine that said that, if all goes well, a piece of mine will appear in their summer issue.

Perhaps this is what my horoscope meant?

Over all, your career will make much more progress than you’ve seen anytime until now. Mars, the ruler of your house of fame, has been retrograde (January 23 to April 13) and now is gathering steam. When a planet like active Mars goes retrograde, he does not move from 0 to 200 miles an hour instantly. Mars needs time to ramp up, and he won’t be back to full speed until early August. No matter – each day Mars gets stronger, and besides, anything is better than what you’ve experienced so far this year. You must have felt like you were walking through glue. You will like the change.

So far, I do like the change, but I remain vigilant — things have gone well before going badly before. I take nothing for granted.


ETA: Here’s the link to the podcast:, from the 5/9 show whose blurb reads, “Mommy porn has become all rage across the country! For those who do not know what that is…Geraldo tells all. The book Fifty Shades of Gray is leading this phenomenon in this country. Geraldo talks to Huffington Post writer Ester Bloom about this.” I’m on from roughly minute :30 to :40.

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    1. And yes, I just used the word awesome twice…and started a sentence with the word, “and.” LOL. Can you blame me? I’m excited for you!

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