Transvaginal Ultrasound!

I’ve crossed the Rubicon into the 2nd trimester of pregnancy, and the Hairpin is throwing me a coming out party! Read all about the travails of the 1st trimester, including trans-vaginal ultrasounds, on the Hairpin (but, um, maybe finish eating lunch first):

“The trans-vaginal ultrasound wand really is as big as they say: faced with one, I flashed back to the scene in Marla Singer’s apartment in Fight Club where, sitting on her dresser, there is a dildo of unusual size. Tyler Durden may not have been daunted in the moment, but, eyeing the wand, I was. Before I could say anything, though, the doctor squirted the length of it with unromantic-looking blue lube and thrust it inside me. …”

More here.

And yes, this is why I haven’t been blogging! It’s so exciting to be able to talk about how horrifying and hilarious this process has been. Now that I’m safely in the 2nd trimester, the story-telling can resume.

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