Remember Two Years Ago?

I do:

On Nov. 4, 2008, as on every morning during that fall’s presidential campaign, I began my workday by reviewing the latest battleground-state polls at Pollster and RealClearPolitics, checking up on the pundits at Politico and Wonkette, and seeing what the establishment had to say at the New York Times and the Washington Post. In contrast to the recent Election Days I had known, the news was more than encouraging. My co-workers planned parties. The experts were hopeful. Nate Silver at FiveThirtyEight predicted a landslide.

Still, concern spread through me until I was possessed: By the end of the day I resembled something out of The Exorcist: trembling and mumbling, with green-tinged skin. My husband, Ben, showed up at my office, took one look at me, and knew that I would never make it to our results-viewing parties; even if I did, I would scare the revelers. “Let’s go home,” he said, worried enough that he suggested taking a cab back to Brooklyn. I was worried enough that I agreed.

We made it only to Union Square before I threw up, splashing my fear on the inside of the car door and my beloved new suede boots. I got out and sat shivering on the curb as the cab driver muttered curses and Ben ran into stores, begging for cleaning supplies. Two Manhattanites walked by me on spiked shoes and laughed, but I barely heard them. I was thinking about Pennsylvania. …

The entirety of my oh-so-timely piece, entitled “Hope Over Experience,” has been on The Morning News for about a week now.

The funny thing is, I’m still thinking about Pennsylvania. And Nevada. And Wisconsin. (Poor Russ Feingold!) The point is, if you need me, I’ll be online shopping all day to distract myself, and pondering who I detest more: David “Pink Shirt” Brooks or Maureen “Fires of Mordor” Dowd? In fact, let’s make it a poll!

Who Is a More Worthless Human Being / Pundit?

5 thoughts on “Remember Two Years Ago?”

  1. I voted! (In both of today's elections.) It was a hard decision. Ultimately, I went for MoDo because while D.Brooks is an ass, at least I don't feel personally betrayed by him. MoDo used to be funny! I used to defend her when people slagged on her. Now she is indefensible.

  2. I keep waffling! To me, the difference is that every once in a great while, MoDo writes something I can read all the way through, whereas I always give up on D.Brooks after a couple of his smug, mediocre, fake-centrist paragraphs. But then, if I rant about one of them, it's MoDo. Which is worse??

  3. I voted for MoDo as well, for the same reason as Sarah. I already thought David Brooks was a jerk, so when he writes something that doesn't totally irritate me I'm pleasantly surprised. I always saw MoDo as somehow "on my side," so her descent seems worse. It's like, who's worse, the school douchebag who every so often does something decent, or that seemingly cool girl you thought was your friend who you actually realize laughs at you behind your back?

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