Because men hunted buffalo …

On the way to Los Angeles for a whirlwind business trip, I caught sight of this newsstand at JFK Airport. On one side, a sign says “men’s interests,” and on the other side, a sign says “women’s interests.”

What, pray tell, are men’s interests as opposed to women’s interests?

I’m so glad you asked!

On the male side of the mechitzah, we discover that dudes are into:

Smart Money
The Economist
Men’s Fitness

On the women’s side, we discover that ladies like:

O (Oprah)
Home & Garden
Health & Fitness
Family Circle

Thank God men and women both care about Fitness! Otherwise, what else would they talk about?

PS: Apparently I missed “Love Your Body Day“! I would have liked to celebrate it because all my parts, euphemistically-noted in previous blog entries and non-, are in good working order once again. Bless you, teeth (and “foot”)! I promise I’ll never take you for granted again!

2 thoughts on “Because men hunted buffalo …”

  1. can you imagine how awful it would be if we were actually forced, by law, to read only what was in the women's section? what if libraries were divided into gendered sections too? ack.

  2. yes! not that i would miss "golf" and "fortune," necessarily, but the idea of being forbidden from reading "time" and "newsweek" and "the economist" is horrifying. who decided those middle-of-the-road publications got to be No Girls Allowed? i'd bet at least half of "newsweek" subscribers are women.

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