True story!

My tiny little college roommate gave birth to a giant baby! Well, both my roommates were tiny, and Catholic, and had short straight hair and small breasts and adorable faces, now that I think on it. But here I’m referring to the second roommate of the two, the one who got married, oh, just about NINE MONTHS AGO.

Kaboom!, as the scientists say. Two math-majors meet, mingle, and as a result new life walks the earth. Their union has already produced something more substantive than the US Senate has managed to produce in years. (Using the life of One of God’s Children to score political points? Is that below me? Should it be, *Sarah Palin*?)

I am in shock. She squeezed 9 lbs and 4 oz of something live and kicking out of her canoodle today. While I was doing what, browsing Facebook? Thinking about the worst possible first/early date movies? (My picks, aside from Slate’s winner “Closer”: “Quills,” “The Cook, the Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover,” “the Dreamers,” and “Belle du Jour.” All movies that seem like they should either be sexy or fun or both and end up being horrifying.)

Oof. Well, regardless, happy life, little newborn baby! And congratulations all around.

2 thoughts on “True story!”

  1. Is it too frivolous to comment on the part of this post where you're talking about your own frivolousness?

    Well, I'm going to anyway. My first movie date ever, in 7th grade at the local smalltown movie theater which was also the townhall (I'm not kidding) was "A League of Their Own". Which you think would be innocuous enough except there were scenes of the women changing in the locker room and I was incredibly mortified to think that now my date would be thinking about how I would look in my underwear. But by that standard I'm not sure there would have been any movie which would not have been mortifying.

    (RW, again for clarification)

  2. That's kind of fascinating. I have nothing but warm and fuzzy memories of seeing that movie as a kid, but I can see it being problematic.

    My first movie date was "Surf Ninjas II." His mom sat in the row behind us, looking ill.

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