Still kicking


A nasty virus toppled me and I lay toppled about a week. One of my days off from work coincided with the first seder so at Mr. Ben’s urging, I dragged myself up and made it to Washington Heights, where we did the traditional Passover thing with his family. Mr. Ben and I were called upon to lead; I did my part, hoarsely.

It was the first time I’ve celebrated the Endless, Breadless Holiday (TM) stateside but not with the Blooms. My family goes all out — china, crystal, 25 people each night, a grand multi-hour event, complete with dinner. This year, they went all out without me. Luckily both my brothers were there to help ease my parents through this painful process that we call Ester Beginning to Spend Some Holidays & Important Times With the Future In-Laws.

And who is there to ease me through that process?

Nevertheless, I made it through seder, and Mr. Ben’s father sent us home in a car with not too much harm done. Passover always makes me think about odd things. For example, isn’t it funny that Easter — which, of course, coincides with Passover — is about Jesus ascending to Heaven, whereas Passover is the holiday of nothing leavened? Which is to say, for the goyim, “He is risen!” so they get to eat chocolate eggs; for the Jews, everything is by mandate flat and dry.

In addition to (clearly) lots of deep thinking, a fantastic production of Company on Broadway and the Sopranos helped me get through the week. And some generous NY hospitality afforded me access to the season premiere yesterday. Bless this city.

3 thoughts on “Still kicking”

  1. easter more about the resurrection than the ascension — he had to walk around for awhile, generating buzz, before going up to The Spirit in the Sky.


  2. Oh, I hope you will be fully recovered soon. Sickness is harder to handle in NYC than nearly anywhere, I think. When I get back to town, I’m going to buy you all the bread and corn syrup that you can handle!

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