i was too exhausted last nite to write, partially because i had stayed up til 3 the nite before working on my website. it’s still not really in working order. i had no idea how time consuming it was — well, before this year, i had no real substantial interest in the internet. when liz ilana annie and i were hanging out, someone mentioned something about this journal, and annie’s eyes got wide: “you have an on-line journal?” i nodded. “wow,” she said. “i’ve just lost so much respect for you.”

i think college does a lot to change people’s perspectives of the web. you meet really cool people who are into cs; ethernet connections and yr own computer mean unrestricted alone time w/ everything out there; and you find that boatloads of students around you have webpages and envy begins to creep up …


anyway, so my dad drove ruby home last nite, tho i accompanied. we had fun, and of course of course he hit it off w/ my family. he’s comfortable w/ himself, he’s assertive almost to the point of arrogance (almost?), he laughs at jokes, sometimes even lame ones, and he converses well. i told them everyone has a strong response to him, whether or not they have a positive one. they said they could understand that.

before that, i watched the adventures of buckaroo bonzai across the 8th dimension, had thai w/ my father, combed thru classifieds w/ the girls in the office (we’re iso part time work), made plans to hit the newseum for real this weekend, and got disappointed at the less-than-enthusiastic critical response to tomb raider. blah.

might go walking again today. love that walking.

“oh it gets so lonely when you’re walking and the streets of full of strangers; all the news you read just give you the blues; so i bought me a ticket … california, california, i’m comin home” (joni)

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